Matric 2016 motivational session


An afternoon of motivation for class of 2016, by different speakers in all kinds of fields that our learners were interested in. The line of speakers started from a representative from the banking sector, motivating our commercial fields learners about the different careers in the sector and educating the science learners about opportunities for them as well in banking. The second speaker, from the Law sector came up and shared her experience as she was a recent graduate and doing her articles at a law firm. She was a popular speaker, as she spoke we realized at how many aspiring lawyers we had among our class of 2016.

As the day of motivation continued after an amazing lunch for our learners and speakers. An amazing woman in the property development sector, she opened our learners to a sector they have never thought of being in. At the beginning of her talk no one wanted to be in the sector, but after sharing her experiences and expertise she had influenced a few potential property developers.

Our last speaker, before our main speaker spoke was an entrepreneur. He gave a mic dropping motivational talk, he got our matric class very eager and enthusiastic about having their destiny in their hands and having all the control in their hands.

After Dropping his mic, a surprise guest speaker arrived, Chef Xolani who had prepared the meal they were enjoying earlier and our number one culinary fan learner was very shocked and got even more inspired to be in the field he has long been dreaming about.

Finally, our final speaker, Mazwi, Sbusiso Ngamla Dlomo, Judas Ngwenya, the list goes on ascended to the platform and our learners were excited and he spoke to them about his life. He showed them that in life success does not happen overnight without working for it or relying on other people.


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