Youth Day 2017


On the 16th of June 2017, we commemorated the youth of 1976 with our staff members dressed in uniform and our learners preparing performances for the youth day assembly.

The day started as a normal exam day, and after exams, the school had an assembly. The assembly was opened with prayer by Mr Nyathi. Mr Kibi approached the mic and gave a speech on the events of the day, back in 1976. He spoke of the struggles the youth went through to fight for quality education and spoke of the the lives that were lost for the course.

He was followed by a young boy in Grade 3, he shared strong reasons why we commemorate the day. He was shortly followed by pone of our senior learners, Limpho in Grade 12. She shared her views on the day, as well as what youth day means or should mean to her peers.

The Principal, Mr Seheri, also approached the mic to share his views on the explained the difference between commemorating and celebrating youth day. He also advised our learners to commemorate responsibly and to commemorate with the knowledge of the meaning of the day.

After all the speeches, we had a great performance from the youth of Castle Bridge School. They reenacted the events of 1976 and some scenes from Sarafina, a 1992 South African film that is about the youth fighting for better education.

It would not be a Castle Bridge School performance if our learners did not show off their talents by adding some Castle Bridge School flavor to the performance.


Castle Bridge School would like to thank all the learners, teachers and staff members that made the day a success!

Please go through our gallery below and see all the activities of the day.