Mathematics Competition


In October 2016, Castle Bridge School held a competition for Grade 6,7,8 and 9. The competition started with Battle of the Minds, which is the first round and learners are competing with their peers in the same Grade. In the first round ( Battle of the Minds ) learners compete are only challenged mathematically.

The winners of the first round, move to the second round, called Battle Of The Grades, where Grade 6 competes with 7 and Grade 8 competes with 9. During the second round of the competition, learners are challenged mathematically and with a spelling Bee.


First Round: Battle Of The Minds

Winners receive Gold medals

Second Round: Battle Of The Grades

Winners receive calculators, bags, pencil cases and trophies

at the end to celebrate all the participants, all the learners who qualified to the Battle Of The Grades receives a certificate of participation.


Go through our Gallery to see how the Competition built up… Enjoy!


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